Hall by Luca Coclite. Opening 21 december


by Luca Coclite

Within the project ‘Et in terra pacis’,

Curated by Ramdom,

In collaboration with Mattia Epifani

Corso Umberto I 37, Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)

21st December2017 – 14th January2018

 Opening: Thursday, 21st December at 18.00

Free entry

Ramdom presents the visual artwork ‘HALL’ by Luca Coclite, as a result of a personal research of the artist in collaboration with the director Mattia Epifani. Conceived in 2017 within the ‘Et in terra pacis’ project, it was created thanks to the contribution of the New Works – Visual Arts SIAE | Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura e MiBACT.

The video work, which takes the form of a multimedia video installation through the use of intermediary devices, tells three stories that have gone through in a symbolic place in the history of the Salento area from 1960 to today: the former temporary residence Regina Pacis in San Foca, a seaside resort in the Municipality of Melendugno.

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Field work: press release

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Un po’ di appunti di lavoro, tra documentazione e progetti futuri. In questi giorni riproponiamo un po’ di rassegna stampa su “lo strano caso del Regina Pacis”, come lo definisce il giornalista Giuseppe Puppo.


Fieldnotes Mattia Epifani

Regina Pacis is place of subversive stories and forgotten stories. Facts, images and memories are added to countless layers of memory that complicate the reconstruction of its past and the realities that have crossed it. The key to the encrypted memories of this place are the visual and sound documents produced during the years when Queen Pacis was a living, lived place. The productive process of the experimental video Et In Terra Pacis begins with the discovery of audiovisual and sound materials produced during the ’90s. Materials that bring to light the characters and faces of his turbulent past.

Et in Terra Pacis starts today

The project Et in Terra Pacis was officially launched today by Ramdom thanks to the support of the SIAE | Sillumina – Private Copy for Young People, for Culture and MIBACT.

Et in Terra Pacis is a visual artwork conceived in the form of experimental docufilm. The docufilm tells three stories that have crossed from 1960 to today a symbolic place in the history of the Salento territory: the former c.p. (Temporary Residence Center) Regina Pacis. An emblematic and metaphorical place, born in the 1960s as a summer colony for children, became the largest Italian cpt in 1998, then the center of judicial scandals for the violence suffered by the refugees and today it is a ruined ecomostro that is being prepared to become a five star resort.

The works will end in December 2017, with an official presentation of the work performed by the two artists. In this blog you will be able to follow updates on the research and production phases.